Grounded Product (Class l) 接地的工具( l類工具)
Provided with Grounding Pin on Plug Cap 插頭上提供接地差片
Provided with one level of insulation (Basic insulation).提供1重絕緣(基本絕緣)
lf Basic insulation is damaged , the grounding will cause the fuse in the House to prevent accessible areas to become live. 如果基本絕緣損壞,接地方式將促使室內的保險絲斷開 ,從而防止工具可觸及的部分帶電
Grounding screw for Power Supply Cord ground lead must be dedicated電源線接地螺絲必須是專用螺絲.

Grounding Means接地方式
Grounding Blade of power Supply Cord must be
Terminated to GTM.2電源線的接地插片必須連結到設備的接地點.
.it is located so as not to be subjected to mechanical injury.
.The contact pressure is not transmitted through
Insulating material .
.A bolt or screw securing the grounding conductor is used only for that purpose.必須使用專用的螺絲拴或螺絲來固定.
. A bolt or screw is of a suitable size for the grounding conductor, but not smaller than No6.螺絲拴或螺絲的最小直徑不小於3.5mm.
.May be suitably insulated, if movement of the conductors could cause the joint to contact bare live parts.

    Grounding Means 接地連結
-All of the parts that are likely to become energized shall be electrically connected to ground by an acceptable bond. This bond may be wire, screws ,bolts, etc.
-Metal Switch Cover Palter secured to Plastic Switch Box requires Bonding or Double insulated.金屬開關蓋片固定到塑料開關盒需要黏接或雙重絕緣



Ground wire (Main Bonding).

Connected to Ground at the House Power supply Panel.
.Ground wire must not be broken. It must be of larger or equivalent gauge to the supply wires .it carries all faults current to ground to cause the house circuit breaker (fuse) to open in case of electrical fault in the Appliance for protection.
.Protects when product is at Fault.
.identification of Ground wire: Green or Green with Yellow strip.

Neutral wire
. Connected to ground at the House Power supply Panel.
. Controls the Potential of the Live Wire relative to Ground.
.Protects when product is working.
.Neutral wire must not be broken. it carries all electricity to ground to become ground potential.
.Switching must not be on Neutral Wire.
.identification of Neutral wire: White, Rids, Wide Blade, etc.


Importance of ground Wire
Carries high current under Fault Condition protects when product is at Fault.
Importance of Neutral Wire Controls the Potential of the Live Wire relative to Ground Protects when product is working.
Importance of Live Wire Carries normal current under operating condition.
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